Lenovo’s savior gaming phone 2 Pro zooms in again:90W

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According to news on April 3, in the new phone release wave last month, a total of three highly popular gaming phones appeared one by one,

The belatedly future;

Lenovo savior gaming phone 2 Pro finally announced not long ago that it will be released on April 8.

With the continuous improvement of flagship mobile phone performance, how to make mobile phones have long battery life and large battery capacity is not only a problem that manufacturers need to solve,

but also a major consideration for consumers when buying a phone.

Today, the rescuer gaming mobile phone officially stated thatThe Savior Gaming Phone 2 Pro has a built-in 5500mAh large battery and supports 90W super flash charging at full blood.

In addition, the pre-heating poster showed that the actual charging speed of a full blood 90W super flash is the same as the 120W fast charging speed.

At the same time, Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo’s mobile phone business department in China, said that in addition to upgrading the charging capacity,

the rescuer also specially customized this high-quality battery. After 1200 charging and discharging cycle tests, 

It has a standby life of 85%. .

Combined with the currently known information,The Savior Gaming Phone 2 Pro uses a 6.92-inch 144Hz customized Samsung Gaming Screen, which supports 720Hz multi-finger sampling and 3.8 milliseconds fast response.

In terms of performance, it is equipped with the Snapdragon 888 flagship processor, equipped with the industry’s first dual-turbo super-dimensional cooling system,LPDDR5 memory, and dual X-axis linear motors.

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It is worth mentioning that,It is reported that the machine will also have a 1/1.3-inch ultra-large bottom lens, it is rare to see such a large bottom in a gaming phone.

So what is the “big move” of the savior gaming phone 2 Pro that debuted on the finale, it is worth looking forward to.

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