New French car is named “Versailles !Netizens are too direct

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Among French car fans, there are more or less labels of “maverick” and “exotic design”. Recently, Citroen’s new models have been named too directly for netizens.

On April 12, Citroen’s new mid-size car-C5X was officially released. The new car has a very resounding Chinese name, Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5X.

According to the official statement, in the Citroen product naming system for C5, “5” belongs to the middle and high level product serial code. X continues the names of Citroen’s mid- to high-end cars CX, XM and other classic models, while the design of C5X is inspired by the CXperience concept car.

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From the official picture, the C5X basically continues the design style of the concept car. Its front face design is ingenious. The headlight adopts a split design and is connected to the car logo through chrome decoration to form an X shape, which is highly recognizable.

The side profile of the new car is very smooth, and the roof adopts a slightly sunken design, which is more individual. The petal-like 19-inch “big feet” is matched with a two-sided exhaust layout, creating a good sporty style.

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The length, width and height of the new car are 4805/1865/1505mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2785mm. The trunk volume reaches 545L, the highest is 1640L.

As for the interior,

the C5X uses a full LCD instrument panel and a 12-inch floating center control screen, horizontally extending around the cockpit, suspended atmosphere lighting, and chrome trim strips to outline the exquisite borders. These elements are integrated in the car to be more refined.

In terms of power system, this car is equipped with a 1.6T four-cylinder engine. On the basis of the fuel version, the car will also have a plug-in hybrid version in the future.

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It is reported that C5X will be produced at Citroen’s Chengdu plant and supplied to the global market.

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The new French car is named “Versailles”!Netizens are too direct

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