Nintendo will be convinced: the world’s largest Switch,

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The world’s largest Switch is out, and the graphics are full of magic when playing. It is estimated that Nintendo will have to praise and persuade it after watching it.

An American engineer successfully built the “world’s largest” Nintendo Switch and donated it to a local children’s hospital. This extra-large Switch is 1.77 meters long, 0.76 meters wide, and weighs close to 60 kg. It was built by “leisure engineer” Michael Pick.

Every button of this giant Switch wooden Joy-Con controller works normally, including the joystick, but players can also use an external controller to play.

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According to the author, the design principle of this giant Switch is to insert a Switch and TV into the base. The normal-sized Joy-Con handle is placed inside the 3D printed base. When interacting with the giant Switch, the base uses a physical lever to press down. button. At the same time, the large joystick is installed on the real Joy-Con joystick and works by moving the actual input.

Pick pointed out that he added chargers to the Joy-Con base so that they don’t drain the battery in the giant case.

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