Switch successfully transplanted Nokia’s classic game Snake

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Nintendo Switch relies on the ARM-based Tegra X chip and convenient development environment, making it a favorite of some enthusiasts after cracking.

These technical enthusiasts have completed the transplantation of “GTA3” and “Max Payne” to the Switch. Platform game.

Recently, a enthusiast once again brought a classic game to the Switch, which is the standard configuration of Nokia mobile phones-“Snake”.

This game called “Brick Game 9999 in 1” looks very similar to the copycat handheld when “Tetris” was popular in China.

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His ID is Chris Bradell, and he uses C and C++ languages ​​to make this work specifically for Switch . Although the name looks very bluff, there are 9,999 games, in fact, there is only one “Snake”.

However, the author has stated that it is expected to add “Breakfast”, “Tetris”, “Racing” and other gameplays for it in the future.

The current ported version of Switch “Snake” can be said to perfectly restore the gaming experience of the Nokia feature phone, and you can press the-button to switch the screen horizontal and vertical directions, and experience different gameplay.

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Corresponding to the crude picture, the capacity of this game is only 10MB. I hope the author will add more games in the future.

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