Tesla: I’m sorry I have increased the price again! Model 3 increased by up to $1,000

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In reports about Tesla, half of it may be related to price increases or price reductions. Everyone should remember that on March 24, Tesla officially announced that it would increase the price of Model Y by 8,000 yuan. After the news was announced, a whirlwind of public opinion was set off on the Internet. Some people even referred to Tesla electric vehicles as “financial management products.”

However, Tesla seems to have chosen to ignore the voices of the outside world. On April 9th, the smart car sent in the Tesla U.S. official found that many models, including Model 3 and Model Y, have increased their prices!

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Tesla Model 3

Specifically, the starting price of the upgraded version of the Tesla Model 3 standard battery life and the long battery life version has risen by US$500, and is now US$38,490 and US$47,490, respectively.

The Model 3 Performance high-performance version has a price increase of US$1,000 from US$55,900 before it is now priced at US$56,900.

In addition, the price of some models of Model Y has also been increased. The long-range version has been increased by US$500, and the current price is US$50,490. The previous price was US$49,990.

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Tesla U.S. official website

In “Model Y’s price increase of 8,000 “Recalling Tesla’s Price Adjustment Process” article, Smart Cars reviewed the history of Tesla’s price adjustment since the end of 2019. Some analysts believe that Tesla’s price increase has limited impact on market sales.

However, the smart car school feels that the impact is unlikely to be handed over to the time judge, but in the face of Tesla’s price adjustment, everyone must make long-term preparations for “getting used to it”.

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