The camera inside the Tesla car shook the users. All exposed

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Some time ago, Musk said that he would withdraw the trial permission of some car owners’ FSD beta version.

The reason is that these car owners did not pay enough attention to the road conditions when using the FSD beta function.

However, some netizens have raised questions, how does Tesla know that the owners of these systems have not paid enough attention to the road conditions?

Musk is also outspoken,

It means that the vehicle driver is monitored through Tesla’s in-car camera. This is also the first time that Tesla has officially admitted that it monitors the driver through the in-car camera.

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In order to check the monitoring effect of the camera in the car, the Tesla hacker god “Green God” recently extracted the pictures taken by the camera in the Tesla car. And, shared two shooting effects during the day and night.


It can be seen from the video that the video recorded by the camera in the car during the day,The clarity and color richness have exceeded many people’s expectations,

and the passengers in the car can basically be checked clearly.

However, the rearview mirror housing blocks a part of the camera’s angle of view, and only the movements and postures of the drivers and passengers in the car can be viewed.

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But the operation details still cannot be recorded. Moreover, the screen of the rear window cannot be monitored either.

Regarding the act of activating the camera in the car, Tesla explained,At present, it is mainly to record the behavior and attention of FSD Beta owners during the test.

In the Chinese market, because there is no push FSD function, the in-car camera is not turned on. However, there are still many consumers expressing concerns about privacy violations.

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After all, the car is a relatively private space. If there is a camera facing you, although you will verbally promise that you will not turn on secret monitoring, you will still feel uncomfortable. .

To this end, the e-commerce platform has also launched the “Tesla in-car camera” lens cap peripheral products, which can completely block the camera lens. If you are a Tesla owner, would you choose such peripheral products?

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